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Battle Frontier has a number of community related features, including friends lists and guilds.

Friends and guilds[edit | edit source]

Friends and Guilds will be available at launch for you to either play with your old friends or find new ones! Every game is a lot more fun with nice people to play with!

~ Steam Greenlight page

Steam trading cards[edit | edit source]

The full package with backgrounds and emojis will be available at release for you and your friends to have more fun and rewards even outside of the game!

~ Steam Greenlight page

Steam market[edit | edit source]

Even though every single item in the game can be obtained purely by playing, we think players would enjoy the option to trade with each other using this amazing system Valve came up with, allowing you to even profit from our game!

~ Steam Greenlight page

Matchmaking[edit | edit source]

This is one of the hardest systems match-based online games need, and therefore one of the most consuming to build. Since we truly believe balanced teams are one of the key aspects to have fun, this is one plan we really want to achieve.

~ Steam Greenlight page

Team VOIP[edit | edit source]

Using Steam’s VOIP System (the same used in L4D and CS:GO) we intend to allow players to communicate with their team to discuss their strategies or even just have some fun. This will of course be easily disabled via in-game settings, and white/black lists (a.k.a. mute buttons) will also be available.

~ Steam Greenlight page

Mobile app integration[edit | edit source]

How awesome would it be to see real-time statistics about your ongoing game in your mobile phone, browse the shop and change your loadout at any time, or even chat with your friends from anywhere? Well, hopefully we’ll find out! |2=Steam Greenlight page}}